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Each byte matters. We follow this paradigm by creating software products that are unique to the world of IT—attention to every detail, each function, and task. When creating our software, we focus not only on the needs of the market but also on the needs of the end-user, building byte by byte systems that we are proud to present.

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Who we are

Bitten Byte, Inc. is an IT company specializing in the development and implementation of unique software products.

For approximately 275 days a year, our team of developers and designers create large and complex projects, produce SAAS products, draw beautiful graphical objects, and develop user-friendly interfaces. In the remaining 90 days, we think about how we can improve our existing products, study new technologies and create new unique IT systems.

Our team of experienced developers and young programmers are unique and make it possible to combine decades of experience and new, immaculate ideas, and byte by byte create software that we are proud to present.

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Email2Go is an online service that helps you create email templates and test them on many different physical devices and applications without leaving the code editor.

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